How Much Does a Website Cost?

Without knowing your web design requirements, there is no accurate answer, even on a per page basis. Graphic-intensive pages, or those with e-commerce, slideshows, animations, or other special features may take several hours of work. Pages that are primarily text may only take a few minutes to develop.

Pricing examples of original website designs by Fishbowl:

Small, basic informational sites with few graphics or special features.


Prices start at €900

Medium, informational site with average graphic content, dynamic menus, or other special scripts and features.

Prices start at €1500

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Sites with e-commerce, dynamic and interactive features, and high graphic content.

Prices start at €3500

Larger sites with extensive graphics, animations, special interactive features.

Prices start at €4500

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Costs for websites fall into the following categories:

  • Site planning and design (we've built small sites for as little as €300 for qualified non-profits)
  • Fixed annual costs such as hosting and domain registration (varies, but if you use Web Refinements, hosting averages €160 per year, domain names less than €15 per year)
  • Search engine and directory registration and marketing (the cost varies greatly depending on the nature of the site and type of registration and marketing)
  • Maintenance and updates (probably less than you think for text updates; higher costs for e-commerce or special graphic features)

The cost of building and maintaining a website can also be effected by how you provide the content. Text or Word files for text, and JPGs, TIFs, or EPS files for graphics can save time and reduce your development costs. Handwritten notes, faxes, and images that must be scanned will drive costs up.

Web Refinements has provided some representative samples and price ranges below. We've build sites for as little as €300 (special pricing for recognized non-profit organizations); other sites may run thousands. Please note the prices shown do not include our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program.

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